Only Female Candidates are requested to apply for the B.Sc. Nursing Degree Course

About Us

The School of Nursing, St. Martha’s Hospital was started in the year 1933 by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. It was upgraded to College of Nursing in the Year 1998 offering both Degree & Diploma Courses in Nursing. Preparing quality Nurse educators/administrators who will deliver value based nursing education, taking the profession to greater heights have become the need of the hour. Keeping this need in mind, the College was further upgraded by starting M.Sc. Nursing course in the year 2016 and the Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care (NPCC) Course in the year 2020. The College of Nursing is affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka and is recognised by the Indian Nursing Council and Karnataka State Nursing Council.

Since its inception in 1933, it has trained thousands of nurses whose skills and competence have won praises across the globe.

St. Martha’s Hospital, run by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, is a Catholic, voluntary and charitable Institution. It is a well-equipped Multi Specialty Hospital with 500 beds. Apart from the Specialty services, the Hospital also provides 24 hours Casualty and Pharma services, full-fledged diagnostic services and Community outreach programs designed for the economically weaker sections of the Society. Its objectives are to serve the sick and suffering and to restore them to complete physical, mental, social & spiritual health. The Sisters of the Good Shepherd have been striving unceasingly in their chosen mission of mercy and reconciliation which involves, in particular, helping the young girls and women in distress to become self- supporting and to regain their self- respect.

Historical Background

St. Martha’s Hospital was started in Bengaluru in 1886 by the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (known as Sisters of the Good Shepherd) on an extensive piece of land gifted to them in 1884 by the Government of the Maharaja of Mysore in appreciation of their services to the sick and suffering during a time of plague and famine.

The congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd was founded in Angers, France, in 1835, by a French nun, Sr. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, mainly to deal with the moral and social problems thrown up by the French Revolution, such as large numbers of homeless children, marginalized women, and young girls. She gave the Congregation the name “Sisters of the Good Shepherd”, inspired by the biblical parable of the Good Shepherd, who left the 99 sheep of his fold to seek and find the one sheep that was lost. A woman of great vision and strength of will, she was also a highly compassionate and resourceful innovator who found ways and means to help the helpless, driven by a deep religious faith and a dynamic understanding of fellow human beings.


Animated by the spirit of Jesus the Good Shepherd, we strive to bring healing and wholeness to individuals, families and communities through the formation of nurses who are committed, competent and compassionate.


To build on the foundations of respect & human dignity, a conducive environment for learning, practice & research that ensures the professional, academic & spiritual growth of the student nurses, thereby empowering them to excel clinically, rooted in the compassionate love of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Core Values

Social responsibility & accountability
Mutual respect
Honesty and Integrity
Collaborative and diverse learning environment
Optimizing the potentials of individual students
Nurturing and promoting leadership qualities







St. Martha’s College of Nursing

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