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Alumni Speaks

SPEECH BY Ms. Ann Mary Varghese B.Sc. 2011 BATCH



A very pleasant evening to one and all gathered here. Honorable chief guest, dignitaries on dais, invited guests, graduates, parents and my dear friends It is a great honour to represent the St Martha’s College of nursing B.Sc. 2011 Batch as graduate speaker. We feel so delighted and humbled to have you all here with us today to celebrate this special occasion.
Graduation day is the day of fulfillment of one’s dream. Holding degree in our hand, we feel to be the luckiest person on earth. We have walked a long way towards this goal. We worked hard, we were so devoted to our goals and we achieved.

First and foremost on this very momentous occasion I like to give thanks to the Lord Almighty for showering his abundant blessings on us throughout the past 4 years to make this day possible. As we reflect upon the 4-years journey that we have just finished, we feel proud to be a part of this blessed fraternity, St Martha’s family who gave us all the opportunity to master our skills, develop our knowledge and improve our attitude in leadership, nursing care and outlook in life.

It was the year 2011, we had begun our journey in this prestigious institution. We had to overcome significant challenges, but the institution believed that we could make the most difference, and it was a great success.

Bible says: “We are all the work of your hand We are the clay, you are the potter.” Isaiah 64:8

I would like to specially highlight that, this environment of St Martha’s Hospital and St. Martha’s college of nursing turned out as the potters and we stood as mere clay and we were wonderfully shaped into fine pieces of art work. The shaping process was hard and long. Our knowledge and skills were stretched and tested at many points. But in all those stretching, pulling and shaping process the only aim of this institution as a whole was committed for making us what we are and the result is that we’re already learning to adapt the knowledge and understandings that we’ve picked up to actual problems and issues that are confronting the public pertaining to their health.

So I stand here to applaud and humbly thank our institution as a whole. We believe that all this was made possible through the effective learning environment of our college of nursing under the leadership of our principal Sr. Shanty Chacko. With great admiration I want to salute sister, who is not just a Principal, but the perfect leader who represented a vote of confidence in each of us. It goes beyond saying that completing the course in this environment will provide an enormous benefit to all the students, expanding and strengthening our capabilities and equipping us with the skills to take the next steps in our careers. Thank you dear sister for making us strong enough to face the real world as we now start our journeys as the custodians of nursing profession.

Teachers can have a tremendous influence on student’s attitudes. As we think of our class co-coordinators and teachers this becomes true. They molded us by sharing their valuable knowledge and experience and helped us in developing our skills as nurses. The biggest thanks we owe however is to all of them for the faith they had in us and backing us in every way possible to develop ourselves to our best possibilities.

St. Martha’s Hospital extended all the needed learning opportunities through its hospital teams, specially our ward in charges, doctors and staff nurses, in learning new lessons of quality patient care. We extend special gratitude to all our patients who made our world complete in different wards throughout our postings. Best of all, this part of the experience will continue throughout our careers as we refine and develop our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be an effective nurse wherever we are.

Our special gratitude to our dear hostel wardens, Sr.Hilda, and Sr.Kripa for providing us with a homely atmosphere and we are much obliged to them for catering to us like their own daughters. We can never forget the contribution of our non-teaching staff in our college and hostel, who made our journey quiet easy in this institution. They have worked hard to make our time comfortable and secure. At the time of graduation, we feel happy and proud, because all our hard work has finally paid off. But still we feel sad, because it’s time to say goodbye.

College days are always the best days of our life. They gift most of us with some unforgettable memories to cherish forever. The friends we made, the days we spend together, and the moments shared are priceless. Our Student nurses activities at various level, most memorably and most importantly, gave each of us the opportunity to participate in countless hours of high quality activities with fellow students, facilitators and colleagues. Those vibrant and enthusiastic SNA will always be in our heart. Our SNA week, sports day, college day celebrations, all programmes, competitions and much more. We are really going to miss you all

We can never forget our very supportive parents and relatives. Your role as parents, in nurturing and encouraging us in our career has been a blessing and support. We are very lucky to have such loving and caring parents, who met all our needs with love, care, affection and understanding

We all experienced that, we got the best in our institution. keeping that in mind ,let us promise to our alma mater that we will always uphold the dignity of our profession, wherever we go and whatever we do, letting our light shine. Dear fellow graduates, always remember that a college degree is not a sign that we are finished products, it is actually an indication that we are now prepared for our life, always think that the greatest stars are those who shine for the benefit of others and always keep in mind that EXCELLENCE IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT. It is always a result of high intension! Sincere efforts! Intelligent direction! Skillful execution and ability to see obstacles as opportunities always.


Best of luck and congratulations to all my fellow Marthian Graduates.

SPEECH BY Sr. Sinthuja GNM 2012 Batch

“Come let us praise the lord,Let us come before him with thanksgiving For the Lord is a mighty god, For He has done wonderful things

A very good evening to one and all present here. I am honored to be selected to speak with you all on this most important occasion representing general nursing and midwifery students of 2012 batch to express our sincere gratitude to all and also to lovingly embrace those sweet memories which enabled us to make this day possible like this. We are very happy that you are all here to share in this celebration of the accomplishments and unique qualities of the fine members of our graduating class.

As a graduate nurse who successfully completed 3 and half years of education in nursing, I feel a huge sense of pride and achievement right now and I would like all of my fellow graduates to cast your minds back to day one of St. Martha’s adventure.
As quoted by John F Kennedy, “we must find time to stop and thank all the people who made a difference in our life”. At this juncture of achieving a major milestone in our life, we raise our hearts with gratitude to God almighty for all his blessings for the past 3 ½ yrs. “College is something you complete, life is something you experience. Success is defined in myriad ways and you will find that through so many people as you progress in your life journey. We are grateful to the management of St. Martha’s college of nursing for giving us the opportunity to find this success through the experiences we gained from here.

As rightly said by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, “difficulties in your life do not come to destroy you, but to help you realize your hidden potentials and power, let difficulties know that you too are difficult”.
Looking back helps us to gather lot of memories. Our days were not very easy and we tried each day to cope up with its tough schedules. But in all these, the most important thing we learned was striving for excellence with hard work and passion for nursing realizing the value of being a nurse.
Each and every one of us graduating today has had to struggle, sacrifice and compromise in order to succeed and each of us takes something individual from our time at SMCON. I have had many opportunities for personal and professional growth and I have been encouraged out of my comfort zone many times. We all had wonderful support network of people around us , without whom our degree wouldn’t be possible.
“Let us be grateful to the people who made us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom – says Marcel Proust”.
A person of infinite value, has the ability to make a profound difference in the lives of others, who gives most profoundly positive impact in those around her by the examples she set. We are grateful to God for giving us a person like that, our principal Sr.Shanty Chacko. Sister knows the strength and needs of the students and has helped us and given us meaningful opportunity for our professional development and instilled in us a passion for nursing as a profession.

"Education is an excellent tool, if used properly, and if we are focused on a goal. Here to achieve our goal we had our class coordinators and teachers during these 3 ½ yrs. All of them toiled unselfishly, sharing their time, energy, talent and knowledge with us. With an open heart they were ever loving and supportive to all of us and helped us to bring out the best in us. We can never forget the help we enjoyed from the non-teaching staff who were always ready to extend their support and helping hand which made our journey an easy one.
Here we are with joy in our hearts and smiles on our face ready to challenge the future. Apart from our academic activities in the class room, we were enriched with clinical exposure to the wards, which were the best classroom to learn our nursing skills. We gratefully remember the hospital management, for giving us the opportunity for the practical experience, the contribution by the ward in charges, staff nurses and doctors who were of great support to learn our practical skills. We thank all the patients who bore with us, when we practiced our nursing skills on them.
A day came where we have to be away from our family and friends to join this family of St.Martha’s college of nursing and hospital with fears and tears. And our stay in the hostel was made homely by our loving wardens Sr.Hilda and Sr.Kripa by their motherly care in all through our stay in the hostel.
I am excited to remember the first time we met in august 23rd 2012 in St.Martha’s hostel with our own anxieties and confusions. A bunch of 43 girls from different states of India and from Nepal, strangers growing slowly in to a caring and sharing friends. We supported, nurtured, helped and we grew together in those 3 ½ yrs.
Many of us realize that learning is social: we learn more when we learn together, when we exchange ideas and stimulate each other’s thinking– and this is the way many people find learning together most rewarding. Here we remember the S N A competitions and activities which placed new challenges to learn new things, to develop our talents and potentials. The S N A activities gave us an opportunity to explore ourselves and boosted our morale in so many ways. At this time we fondly remember our parents, guardians and all our well-wishers who supported us in all we did. Your love, guidance, encouragement and nurturing care made this day possible.
We feel proud and honored for having studied in this prestigious college, which equipped us and trained us as a professional nurses.
n closing, I would like to quote a few lines about nursing by DONNA WILK CARDILO
“Nursing is not for everyone. It takes a very strong intelligent and compassionate person to take on the ills of the world with passion and purpose and work to maintain the health and wellbeing of the patient. No wonder we’re exhausted at the end of the day”.

Away in to this world we are send, to complete our own circle and find out what they are meant, to experience something spectacular and true, the simplest things, like the sky being blue, not knowing the answer, but asking why, falling over our own feet, we continue to try. As we all continue in our life, let us take with confidence knowing that we have achieved great heights and we are equipped with necessary tools to tackle our future in our profession. Dear friends as we graduate and go, some of us may enter the field and some of us may continue on our education, but we all share the common thing, we are all nurses and we made it and we promise to be true to our ALMA MATER to serve the humanity and to always let our light shine.

Congratulations and God bless you all