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st martha's college of nursing


St. Martha’s School of Nursing, a unit of St. Martha’s hospital, was started in 1933 and upgraded to College of Nursing in1998. The students passed out from the portals of St. Martha’s have spread the aroma of healing to various corners of the world. Though geographically spread apart, yet they are connected through the umbilical cord of Alma Matter – Let your light shine!! This desire to strengthen the connectivity, the bond that prevailed beyond caste, creed, religion, language, state and country; the alumni association was started in the year 2003, by then Principal, Sr. Anne Marie Fernandes. It was proved to be an excellent forum where the past students could share their memories and experience, cherish the love and care and enrich one another.

The year 2003 has been the most eventful year for Alumni of the College of Nursing, St. Martha’s Hospital. The First Alumni Association Get-together happened on May 31, 2003. Alumni Members from both Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery Course & B.Sc. Nursing Degree Course from different parts of our Country as well as abroad attended the Programme. The Get-together created a dynamic link between the Institution & Alumni.


St. Martha’s Alumni Association endeavours to strengthen the fellowship, sustains positive lifelong relationship between the Alma Mater and the family of Alumni across the globe. It strives towards fostering communication and to provide opportunity for networking and mentoring.


 To develop and nurture meaningful and life long relationship.
 To accompany the alumni in their professional and personal growth
 To assist the institution to obtain necessary funds for fulfilling its mission.
 To provide a platform to share their experience and collective knowledge to enrich one another.
St Martha's banner GLOBE: Symbolizes the world in need of healing and wholeness.

TWO HANDS AND PEOPLE: Rooted in the values imparted by the Alma Mater, the Alumni Members spread the aroma of healing across the globe, dispelling the darkness of pain and suffering, letting their lights shine all the time!

LAMP: The Lamp in the center represents the Alma Mater, equipping the students with excellent knowledge and skill, instilling in them the Light of Christ’s Values, sending them forth as ambassadors of His compassion and healing.
The Marthians across the globe unite to serve, to advocate and to strengthen!!



 She presides over all the meetings of the Alumni Association
 She has the power to nominate a substitute to officiate in her or the Vice-President’s absence.
 She has the power to convene meeting of the Committee and take decisions for the common good of the Association.


 To assist the President in the performance of her duties
 To substitute the President in her absence.


 Receives all applications for Membership and places them before the Committee for enrolment.
 Keeps a record of the proceedings of all Committee and General Body Meetings.
 Shall be responsible for the day to day activities of the Association
 Responsible to convene meetings of the Committee in consultation with the President and Vice-President
 To perform all other functions as may be assigned from time to time by the President or by the Executive Committee.


 Responsible for the collection of membership fees
 Maintains detailed accounts of the financial transactions of the Association and submit it to the Executive Committee.
 To have the Annual Statement of Accounts duly prepared and audited and presents it before the Committee.



 The Office of the Association shall be located at the College of Nursing, St. Martha’s Hospital, No. 5, Nrupathunga, Bengaluru – 560 001


 All Professional Nurses who have successfully completed GNM and B.Sc. Nursing Course at College of Nursing, St. Martha’s Hospital shall be eligible for the Membership of this Association.


 President and Superior of St. Martha’s Hospital Society
 Principal, College of Nursing
 Vice-Principal, College of Nursing
 Nursing Superintendent, St. Martha’s Hospital
The Executive Committee may invite the past Principals to be honorary members of the association.


The Association shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the following members:-
The Ex-officio and Honorary Members of the Association shall assist and advice Executive Committee and shall attend all programmes of the Association.
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College of Nursing
St. Martha’s Hospital
No.5, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore - 5600001
Karnataka State (India)


( 080 ) 22293669 / 22293669 /
40128213 / 40128239 / 40128265

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